Getting to know you - Zen Moments

Ignite your senses with Zen Moment. Individually handcrafted candles, made in Melbourne with love  


Zen Moments are Blackbird Market regulars. Since their first stall with us way back in 2010, Zen Moments have been an integral part of the Blackbird Family and now we can’t imagine a Blackbird Market without them!

Zen Moments are rich, handmade candles that smell so good you could eat them! To say the Blackbird team are obsessed with their candles would be an understatement.

We sat down with our favourite candlemaker, Jane Halpin, to find out more about her much beloved brand, Zen Moments.

How did you start your business and how long have you been


My best friend gave me a candle making kit one year for Christmas as she knew that was what I wanted to do.  The kit was with me for 3 years until I finally bit the bullet in 2009 and made my first candle.

I already had the business name in my head and from that moment….I never looked back!!

What artists or ideas inspire your work?

I was originally inspired by Ecoya palm wax pillars.  I loved everything about them especially the fact that they weren’t paraffin!

Describe your workspace and what inspires you?

My customers inspire me.  I am constantly thinking of what I can do that is different and a de cluttered workspace normally does that.  It helps to have pretty pictures around!! 

What do you love most about being an a creator?

I love the freedom it allows me and that so many people get enjoyment out of what I do!!

And now, the most important question, tea or coffee?

Multiple coffees!!! 

You can catch Zen Moments at the March 9 Blackbird Market. And in  case you were wondering, our favourite ‘flavour’ is Fig and Cassius.

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We are so pleased to announce Blackbird is back on the 21st of April at the Workers Club!

Applications are open and you can submit yours here:

We have just done our first round of acceptances and are pleased to announce Zen Moments will be at this event!

Here is a glimpse of some of the products the lovely Jane will have on offer <3